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Product Overview

TrailView™ — the Tamarack Customer Online Support Service — consists of two portals: one that provides online functionality to your clients and an Administration Portal for use by your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). TrailView empowers your clients with online functionality to manage their account from a web browser or mobile phone whenever it is convenient. The result is a higher level of customer service and satisfaction in addition to reducing live customer service inquiries.

Your clients will have 24/7 visibility into their current and past contracts, with the functionality to check balances, make payments, manage their accounts and many other functions. TrailView supports multiple Equipment Financing CMS and LOS systems and allows your clients to manage their accounts and perform common functions online, as customers have come to expect.

TrailView has two parts, an Online Support Service that allows your customers to manage their contracts and an Administration Portal for internal use by your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to support your clients.

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Secure Login and Registration

Register a New Account

Access and manage your contracts in a secure environment.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Configure Microsoft or Google Authenticator for an extra layer of security.

Reset Password

Never get locked out of your account if you forget your password.

Contract Management

Contract Dashboards

Quickly navigate through contracts to view important information.

Update Payment Information

Enter and keep your automated (ACH) payment information up to date.

Request Quotes

Request and receive buyout quotes with a click of the button.

Administration Portal

Client Mirror

Realtime mirror view of client transactions to provide phone support.

Client Transactions

View your client transactions log history, summary and payment status.

Manage Tasks

Workflow to set, manage and complete client-initiated tasks.

Customer Online Support Service

The Customer Online Support Service allows your clients to self-enroll to the service using their email address with unique lease data that you supply. Alternatively, your clients can establish a login using existing login credentials from one of several third-party services (i.e., Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). After enrollment, your clients have the capability to manage their password and, for added security, they can enable Multi-Factor Authentication using the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Clients can access online information about past and current leases using either the service’s Contract Dashboard or through Advanced Search capabilities. They can also update their address and ACH payment information, request Buyout Quotes and make payments through linked payment system.

TrailView’s Customer Online Support Service is branded with your company’s name, logo and URLs and has links back to your primary website. The site is authored in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) framework and is a responsive, mobile-first design with consistent experience and functionality across desktop, tablet and mobile environments.

Administration Portal

The Administration Portal is hosted on a safe and secure private network that is not internet-exposed and is locked down to your employees’ access. The Administration Portal’s transactional data is synced every evening. The site is built in such a way that Customer Service Representatives can see what end users see on the Customer Online Support Service so CSRs can easily provide phone support.

The Administration Portal also allows CSRs to reset passwords and lock and unlock accounts.

CSRs can view clients’ transaction logs for awareness and to assist in addressing questions and issues.

Finally, the Administration Portal has a task queue system which shows outstanding requests (address change, etc.) and allows those changes to be manually performed in the System of Record and then marked as complete.

For your customer:

Your customers will have 24/7 online access to TrailView through their web browser or mobile phone and can perform common transactions including the ability to view contract information, make monthly payments, change address information, and request a buyout quote.

For your organization:

TrailView improves your customers’ satisfaction and your brand image by enabling your clients to perform common account management tasks online 24/7, freeing your staff to provide higher level consultative advice.

The TrailView Administration Portal provide support tools for your CSRs as they provide high quality over the phone assistance to your customers.

TrailView reduces call volume while maintaining high quality customer care allowing you to reduce cost and scale your operations.

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Feature Benefit
24/7 Online account access Enhances customer satisfaction by providing 24/7 account access by web browser or mobile phone while reducing call volume
Online payments Enhance your customers' satisfaction and improve payment timeliness
Customer account security Supports self-enrollment requiring complex user passwords and optional Multi Factor Authentication
System support TrailView supports multiple Equipment Financing CMS and LOS systems
Administration portal Provides support to your Customer Service Reps as they support customers, complete transactions and review customer logs
Administration portal security Administration Portal is hosted on a safe and secure private network that is not internet-exposed
Branding TrailView is branded with your company's name and logo

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