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Tamarack’s Connectors enable you to improve your CMS workflow.

At Tamarack we find inspiration in many parts of life. This African Proverb, while not meant for a technology company, speaks strongly to our approach in the Equipment Finance ecosystem. Working alone, developing alone, is sometimes faster, but rarely better. Good strategy and effective system design always involves others—those who have gone before us and those who are best-in-class. We are in this race for the long haul, so we race with others.

Tamarack’s Connector product line reflects this attitude. We believe that the most productive workflows and durable enterprise systems leverage the best functional solutions available. We have collaborated with these Equipment Finance industry leaders to develop Connectors that help bring their value to customers by connecting to leading Contract Management Systems (CMS).

CSC® Financial Integration

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Tamarack’s CSC Financial Integration allows your CMS system to communicate directly with the CSC Global web sites and applications. By integrating with CSC Global services architecture, all UCC Filing tasks can be completed within your CMS, thus eliminating the need for duplicate entry or uploading UCC updates via batch processing.

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a comprehensive set of laws governing commercial transactions in the United States. Because the UCC has been universally adopted across state lines, Equipment Finance providers can enter into contracts with the confidence that terms will be enforced in the same way by the courts of every US jurisdiction. UCC adjudication thus creates certainty for business relationships thus facilitating broad economic growth. The UCC has been called “the backbone of American commerce.”

CSC® Global is the leading provider of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) searches, UCC filings, and online UCC portfolio management services for commercial banks of all sizes, factoring/accounts receivable organizations, capital finance companies, large leasing enterprises, and legal firms specializing in secured transactions. CSC has serviced the UCC community for nearly six decades.

In addition to providing users with the ability to perform the UCC functions directly within applications like InfoLease®, this integration facilitates automated updates between the CMS platform and CSC Global without any user intervention. Specifically, the following interaction between systems can be configured:

  1. New Filings can be automatically sent to CSC. Upon receipt, CSC will return the Order Number. This will be stored on the Filing record.
  2. UCC updates and approval requests can be submitted in real-time from the CMS to CSC.
  3. The utility can schedule periodic CSC database queries requesting detailed information on Orders that have been updated and/or received a status change. These updates will be automatically stored in the CMS Filing record.
  4. Automatically download and store PDF documents from CSC.

Vertex O Series Connector


Achieving automation of sales tax compliance across all fifty states is a monumental task. Maintaining the state-by-state rules and rates in a single system is inevitably time consuming and reactionary. Compounding this effort is the need for Lessors to administer this logic consistently across the enterprise, which becomes an insurmountable task.

Vertex is the leading and most-trusted provider of comprehensive, integrated tax technology solutions, having helped 10,000+ businesses since 1978. Vertex Indirect Tax O Series is a robust tax calculation engine that helps you achieve an accurate determination of sales and purchase tax in every transaction. It features a solid integration with ERPs, billing systems, or ecommerce platforms. Vertex O Series maintains the latest rules and rates for nearly 10,000 U.S. taxing jurisdictions. This enables it to simplify and automate the tedious processes involved in calculating, collecting, and reporting on sales, consumer use, as well as VAT, GST, and other transaction tax types. It can likewise manage industry-specific tax content for communications, leasing, and retail taxes.

Despite efforts such as the Streamlined Sales Tax Act (SSTA), automated sales tax compliance continues to elude lessors not only due to ever-changing tax rules, but because Frontend and Backend sales tax integration limitations only exacerbate the manual effort required to correct inconsistencies. Today’s lessors require tax automation for the CMS to service the transaction using the same logic that was applied by the origination system. Tamarack’s Vertex O Series Connector provides that automation.

With so many states looking for ways to increase their tax base by applying additional criteria such as the type or length of the lease, titled vs. non-titled, vehicle weight, and end of lease options, a simple location and tax type cannot be relied upon to return an accurate rate.

Therefore, the demand for the CMS to service the transaction using the same logic that was applied by the origination system is crucial to reducing wasted resources.

Industry Expertise & Alliances provide a Solution

Tamarack partnered with Vertex Inc. to develop the Tamarack O Series Integration to address each of these challenges. By leveraging the benefits of a centralized tax decision engine, the administration of tax compliance becomes external to the CMS.

The combination of Tamarack O Series Integration and Vertex O Series provides lessors with four key benefits.

  1. Centralized Tax Management — Vertex O Series is a scalable and platform-independent solution that enables the tax department to centralize tax management, transaction processing, and reporting across heterogeneous systems. Using Taxability Manager, a browser-based O Series tool, your tax department can manage the taxability applied to the transactions processed by the system. Lease transaction types and asset classes can be associated with Vertex-supplied taxability rules. In addition, exemption certificates from your customers and custom exceptions defined by your tax department can all be setup, maintained and referenced.
  2. Current Tax Compliance — Vertex will provide not only the sales tax rates but also the taxability rules in a monthly update that can be easily applied to O Series. Changing even the most complex tax calculation, such as a new tiered structure, is performed through a simple database update giving you more control and assurance that you are in compliance and in step with the many changes by tax authorities.
  3. Common Integration Platform — O Series is built on the common platform of the Transaction Processing System (TPS). The TPS was designed using broadly adopted, open, web-oriented technologies to maximize its flexibility, interoperability, and portability. The Tamarack O Series Integration uses Web Services (SOAP, XML messages) structured within InfoLease/UniData to communicate with Vertex O Series.
  4. Configurable Field Definitions — The Tamarack O Series Integration is the final piece that brings it all together. To ensure accurate tax decisions, the Tamarack O Series Integration configuration screens allow the lessor to ensure the necessary data points are used.

As any given transaction may need to send 10 to 30 unique data fields to Vertex O Series, the Tamarack O Series Integration provides the necessary interface for you to configure where these data elements are stored within your database. The integration will dynamically collect these elements for submission to O Series.

Tamarack Sales Tax Return Connector


Companies managing equipment finance portfolios that run across state lines need a reliable tax solution that reduces effort and risk associated with sales and use tax return reporting and remittance.

The Tamarack Sales Tax Return Connector accumulates sales, use, and rental tax received, both accrual and cash basis, within the Contract Management System (CMS) delivering both detailed and summary report extracts.

  • The Sales Tax Return Connector’s fixed-length summary extract can be used to import portfolio information into the tax return applications like the Vertex® Indirect Tax Returns.
  • The detailed report contains data down to the individual asset level and tax event enabling tax preparers to quickly ascertain problem areas during the monthly filing process.

Tamarack Insurance Interface (TII)

Great American Insurance Logo

Great American Insurance (GAI) created an Automatic Insurance Program (AIP) that enables Lessors to request, place, and track insurance coverage on leased or financed equipment when the Lessee has not provided sufficient coverage.

Tamarack developed the Tamarack Insurance Interface (TII) to facilitate a lessor’s CMS integration with the AIP program. By communicating with GAI through batch extracts and imports, TII can ensure lessors have adequate coverage on their portfolio.

TII uses two data exchange formats: Client Data Transfer (CDT) and Invoice Data Transfer (IDT). The CDT file is sent on a schedule agreed upon by the Lessor and GAI. The file includes customer, contract and asset information that must be sent to GAI. In summary, the CDT contains the following transaction types.

  1. New Business – The Lessor would like to request coverage from GAI. This lease transaction may have been recently been booked or determined to have inadequate coverage.
  2. Update – If a lease is currently tracked by GAI, specific changes would trigger an update transaction. For example any changes to the customer address, equipment value, or lease structure will trigger an update transaction.
  3. Cancel – If the Lessor determines GAI coverage is not necessary on a transaction, they can request GAI cancel coverage
  4. Terminate – If a lease transaction reaches full term or an early termination, a termination request will be sent to GAI.

Similar to the CDT file, the IDT file will be made available to the Lessor to import into their CMS. The IDT file contains premium and administrative charges to be invoiced to the lessee. Typically, a lease will be included on an IDT file once each month.

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