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Consolidation has been a visible trend in both banking and equipment finance this past year and there is no indication it will fade. Equipment Finance Advisor’s May 2021 update shows almost 50 acquisitions/mergers in the past 6 months. At Tamarack we have seen a dozen consolidation activities in our customer list. Consolidations can be broken down into three main scenarios:

Enterprise Acquisition

Lead enterprise acquires operations, assets, and portfolio of another enterprise. Lead enterprise typically migrates portfolio to their Contract Management System (CMS) and business workflows to their Lease Origination System (LOS)

Portfolio Acquisition

An enterprise acquires a portfolio of leases from another enterprise and migrates it to their CMS.


Two separate entities combine to create a new, joint organization. Both CMS and LOS must be rationalized or defined and both portfolios moved onto the new entity’s systems.

Consolidations promise good things for both shareholders and customers: business efficiency, expanded capabilities, better terms, and better customer service to name a few. But like most promises, there is a lot of work behind the scenes to make them come true. This is where Tamarack has traditionally excelled and is where we have prepared our team of experienced equipment finance technologists with tool sets to help all parties engaging in a consolidation activity.


Consolidation Activity Tamarack Solution

CMS/LOS Rationalization
Integration team must evaluate disparate CMS tools used by merging organization and select solution that best fits new charter and business objectives.

If both parties using the same CMS, workflows and configuration must be evaluated and then matched or aligned.

Tamarack Equipment Finance Assessment (TEFA) evaluates the alignment and efficacy of an Equipment Finance company’s systems with the workflows of the operation.

The system assessment helps the consolidation team make the best enterprise system selections for that workflow.

Tamarack’s Professional Services team of experts help with migration, implementation, and configuration efforts needed after selections are made.

Workflow normalization
LOS and CMS workflows must be compared and normalized into a common process that aligns with the consolidated company’s policies and objectives.

Tamarack Equipment Finance Assessment (TEFA) helps the consolidation team define the workflow that best fits enterprise operations and goals for the combined business.

Tamarack’s Professional Services team of experts help implement and configure systems to deploy the normalized workflow.

Portfolio Consolidation
Once CMS rationalization has been completed, the portfolios must be combined. This typically requires both extraction and migration into a new database schema.

Tamarack’s Professional Services team has developed both tools and defined procedures to extract, archive, and migrate portfolio information more quickly and with lower risk.

Our team has experience with all major CMS and LOS software enabling migration from one system to another for both similar and disparate platforms, e.g., Unidata to SQL.

Organizational Consolidation

Tamarack’s Professional Services team acts as an objective, 3rd party evaluator of both systems and workflows supporting organizational design decisions.


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