Tamarack has been a leading provider of independent software solutions and technology services supporting the equipment finance industry for more than 20 years.

Our team understands equipment finance and has supported everything from origination and portfolio management systems to critical leasing functions such as lease accounting, sales tax compliance, insurance and UCC compliance. We have in-depth experience with industry contract management systems including: Solifi Portfolio Management (formerly InfoLease), Odessa and LTi ASPIRE™.

Tamarack technology consulting services can augment both the depth and scale of your support team. Our team of Subject Matter Experts, Business Analysts, and Developers knows how to engage your business team, understand your problem or opportunity, and then fill that need quickly and efficiently. Our value to you is increasing your value to both customers and shareholders.

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Systems Assessment

System assessment and consulting for enterprise performance.

When your business needs outgrow your enterprise software, making the right choice for the next stage of growth can be hard. Equipment finance software solutions today come in multiple architectures, multiple business models, and a wide range of feature sets.

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Migration and Business Continuity

Portfolio data migration and business continuity during changeovers. 

If “data is the new oil” then changing your equipment finance accounting system is like swapping out the engine of a Formula 1 race car. If you are going to win the race, you cannot afford to cease operations or stall the engine when you “Go Live.” Tamarack’s team knows what it takes to change your platforms.

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Implementation and Integration

Portfolio management system implementation and integration.

Minimizing disruption and optimizing workflow are key to the implementation of business-critical platforms and applications.

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Productivity Improvements

Contract management development, integration and enhancements. 

One of the fundamentals of a digital company is continuous improvement of its systems through both automation of workflow and higher productivity via precision and accuracy of analysis.

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Maintain compliance over time utilizing tools to help reduce manual oversight and create efficiency in equipment financing.

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Disclosure requirements play a pivotal role in the equipment financing industry, compelling funders to disclose specific information to borrowers to ensure merchants can make well-informed decisions.

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Sales & Use Tax

Sales tax compliance can be a daunting task for an equipment leasing company. It is a complicated area made even more complex by the types of business activities leasing companies encounter every day.

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