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Scott Nelson

President & Chief Technology Officer, Board Member

Scott Nelson is the president and chief technology officer of Tamarack Technology. He has more than 30 years of strategic technology development, deployment and design thinking experience working with both entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies. Nelson is a sought-after speaker and contributor on topics related to IoT and digital health. His involvement in technology in the local and national technology community reflects an ongoing and outstanding commitment to technology development and innovation.


Articles by Scott Nelson

Posted by Scott Nelson in Perspectives on 3/23/2023
Scott Nelson of Tamarack Technology delves into what drives AI learning, how to achieve that same level of curiosity and ways to use AI to embrace failure in pursuit of success.
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Posted by Scott Nelson in Perspectives on 2/21/2023

On February 15, I shared insights with members of the American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (AACFB) on how to “Get ahead with data.” AACFB’s Monica Harper hosted Allen Jones of Copernicus and me for a discussion regarding data-centric technologies that can help brokers improve operations, grow faster, and transform into companies with broader offerings.

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Posted by Scott Nelson in Perspectives on 1/25/2023
If ChatGPT could write a philosophy paper, why not a Groundhog post? I doubted that anyone could tell if I wrote it. So, I created an account and logged into ChatGPT.
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Posted by Scott Nelson in Perspectives on 1/23/2023

It’s that time of year again. The news streams and industry publications are filled with forecasts, trends, prognostications and predictions of what the year holds for us – good and bad. I would argue that January is National Prediction Month.

2023 is one of those years when not all the signals point in the same direction. ELFA reports finding “Equipment Finance Industry Confidence High

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Posted by Scott Nelson in Perspectives on 12/27/2022
One of the oldest and most common business plans in equipment finance is the broker-to-lessor transformation and goes like this: establish one’s brand as a finance broker, build customer and lender relationships, grow the business to the point where one can secure funding for the paper and become a lessor. One could say it’s a straightforward three-step process.
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Posted by Scott Nelson in Perspectives on 12/6/2022
Let’s explore how Santa might use AI to get everything done even faster than anyone thought possible.
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