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Daniel Nelson

Founder & CEO, Board Member

Founder and CEO of Tamarack Technology, Daniel Nelson is well-versed in the challenges and opportunities facing lessors and lenders. A recognized industry expert, Nelson has spent his entire career working exclusively within the equipment finance and commercial lending industry.


Articles by Daniel Nelson

Posted by Daniel Nelson in Perspectives on 5/29/2024

Last week I had the privilege of both advocating for our industry on Capitol Hill and discussing the planting of 100 trees with our nonprofit partner Flannel River. Both actions got me thinking about the importance of relationships -- a core value for Tamarack and one of the primary reasons I founded the company 23 years ago.

This was my twelfth

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Posted by Daniel Nelson in Tamarack News and Updates on 11/11/2021
Today, we take a moment to honor all of those who have served and given their lives to fight for this country. It is important for us to recognize their sacrifice and that of their families.
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Posted by Daniel Nelson in Perspectives on 8/25/2021
Historically, we experienced the concept of real-time data in analog systems like driving a car and heating or cooling a house. But digital has changed the value of real-time data because it makes that data portable, accessible and more usable. Equipment finance in the days of analog – paper contracts and accounting spreadsheets – had little use for real-time data. But in a digital world, the value of real-time data is increasing and we must learn to take full advantage.
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