By Tamarack |   Jan 20, 2022

In this Trail Mix installment, we will cover how to add an asset(s) to a transaction post booking.

By Tamarack |   Jan 05, 2022

According to Economist Frank Knight, uncertainty is a lack of knowledge which is immeasurable and impossible to calculate. He also said uncertainty is the only true source of profit because, unlike risk, uncertainty cannot be hedged. If uncertainty is a source of profit, there is money to be made here.

By Tamarack |   Dec 15, 2021

In this Trail Mix installment, we cover one of many utilities to facilitate mass contract updates: Change Lead Invoice Days (CHANGE.LEAD.DAYS).

By Scott Nelson |   Dec 14, 2021

I asked Professor Manjeet Rege, Chair of Software and Data Science at the University of St. Thomas, about the emergence of AI as a modern technology and its practical application in both industry-at-large and the finance ecosystem specifically.

By Dani Cluff |   Dec 01, 2021

The pressure to be competitive in the equipment finance industry has never been higher. The Covid-19 pandemic and the current economic conditions combined with the need for equipment finance companies to satisfy both current and future customer expectations have driven the industry to a place where digital transformation is no longer “nice to have”, it’s essential.

By Dani Cluff |   Dec 01, 2021

At the Annual ELFA Convention in San Antonio last month Scott Nelson moderated a panel on how millennials will shape the market over the next 30 years and how equipment finance businesses should be preparing for change. The panel was kicked off by an interview with well-known demographer, Kenneth Gronbach, and featured panelists: Zach Kimball, Jena Morgan, and Shea Huston.

By Tamarack |   Nov 10, 2021

InfoLease provides automation support for Security Deposits in many areas including booking, IRR calculation, and buyout quotes/dispositions. In this Trail Mix installment, we will look at two parameter settings that impact Security Deposit processing.

By Scott Nelson |   Nov 09, 2021

I had a great experience at the 2021 ELFA Annual Convention in San Antonio. One part of that great experience was learning more about what others were doing across the equipment finance ecosystem. As a technologist and thought leader, I am always on the lookout for ways that others are changing the business or changing the way they use technology to improve their business.

By Scott Nelson |   Nov 09, 2021

Given that this was my first ELFA Convention as a member of the industry, I thought I would make note of some of my first impressions and comparisons to the technical conferences with which I have been more familiar.

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