By Scott Nelson |   Apr 04, 2024

Innovating with Data: Moving Past “Good Enough” By Scott Nelson

By Scott Nelson |   Mar 29, 2024

Scott Nelson explores three levels of AI fitness. If you’re a beginner, your AI fitness journey must start with data consolidation before you can move on to data assessment and performance.

By Scott Nelson |   Mar 28, 2024

Innovation has been on my mind lately.

The elevation of AI as a technology of import has been accompanied by the use of the word “innovation.” Unfortunately, most discussions are more of a “buzzword bingo” game than a true engagement of innovation.


By Tamarack |   Mar 25, 2024

Tim Tikkanen. As Tamarack’s senior cloud infrastructure engineer, Tim actually does spend his days immersed in cloud technology.

By Tamarack |   Mar 21, 2024

AI – What is it? Is it safe? Can we afford it? What the heck can I do with it?

By Tamarack |   Mar 05, 2024

2023 brought growth and transition for Tamarack.

By Scott Nelson & Tim Appleget |   Feb 27, 2024

Asset Management as a discipline is as old as the hills facing this “fleet” and their horse-back managers. Traditionally asset management has had two points of view – that of the user/operators of the assets and that of the investor/owners of the assets.

By Scott Nelson |   Jan 30, 2024

Here in the Midwest, there are two things that get us excited in January. First, we can safely go ice fishing.

By Tamarack |   Jan 25, 2024

In November, Tamarack expanded its AI team with the addition of Khrystyna Voloshyn as a data scientist.

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