By Scott Nelson |   Jun 26, 2024

June is officially the first month of summer and for most of us the beginning of picnic season. I am fond of picnics for a couple of reasons.

By Tamarack |   Jun 25, 2024

This month, we celebrate Darren Tauer’s retirement. A longtime friend and Tamarack team member, Darren spent 36 years working in the equipment finance industry on both the client and supplier sides.

By Scott Nelson |   Jun 11, 2024

Inspired by the innovative insights of Converge 2024’s keynote speaker Peter Hinssen, Scott Nelson, a self-proclaimed technologist, outlines key technology takeaways from the conference—from data becoming knowledge to the intergenerational conflict that emerges from new technologies.

By Daniel Nelson |   May 29, 2024

Last week I had the privilege of both advocating for our industry on Capitol Hill and discussing the planting of 100 trees with our nonprofit partner Flannel River. Both actions got me thinking about the importance of relationships -- a core value for Tamar...

By Theresa Eichten |   May 22, 2024

Deploying a global origination system poses both compelling advantages and significant challenges.

By Tamarack |   May 15, 2024

Tamarack's vibrant spirit is embodied by employees like Whitney Horan. In her role, she focuses her energies on supporting the company's business development efforts, identifying and engaging organizations that can benefit from Tamarack's innovative SaaS and service offerings.

By Scott Nelson |   May 13, 2024

The idea that “risk never sleeps” came up at Tamarack recently when we were re-training our AI-based delinquency predictors. A team member pointed out that “the predictors are getting tougher.” My first thought was: “Well, that’s not surprising, delinquency risk has been growing.”

By Scott Nelson |   May 07, 2024

My mind has been full of numbers lately. April has Tax Day, so I stress over my numbers and am usually disappointed at how they work out.

By Tamarack |   Apr 23, 2024

What if you want to view and configure that information in Solifi’s Originations application (formerly Rapport/ROS)?

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