Posted by Scott Nelson in Perspectives on 4/4/2024
Innovating with Data: Moving Past “Good Enough” By Scott Nelson
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Posted by Scott Nelson & Tim Appleget in Perspectives on 2/27/2024
Asset Management as a discipline is as old as the hills facing this “fleet” and their horse-back managers. Traditionally asset management has had two points of view – that of the user/operators of the assets and that of the investor/owners of the assets.
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Posted by Scott Nelson in Perspectives on 12/21/2023
Many technology and operational leaders will read the 2023 US Bank CFO report and say – “Cost control is a nail again and technology is the hammer. Nothing new here.” But this would be a short-sighted read and miss the opportunity to partner with the CFOs to leverage the most impactful technology trend in the past 20 years for equipment finance, AI.
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Posted by Tamarack in Perspectives on 10/24/2023
Mitch Peterson is a relatively new face at Tamarack. As executive vice president of operations – a new position at the company – Mitch leads the professional services team and oversees all IT and human resources activities. An amateur baseball player and youth sports coach, Mitch is as busy outside of the office as he is inside.
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Posted by Scott Nelson in Perspectives on 6/7/2023
Fortunately, modern technology stacks present equipment finance entrepreneurs with a very attractive alternative that completely avoids the CapEx investment analysis.
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Posted by Scott Nelson in Perspectives on 12/27/2022
One of the oldest and most common business plans in equipment finance is the broker-to-lessor transformation and goes like this: establish one’s brand as a finance broker, build customer and lender relationships, grow the business to the point where one can secure funding for the paper and become a lessor. One could say it’s a straightforward three-step process.
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