Posted by Scott Nelson & Tim Appleget in Perspectives on 2/27/2024
Asset Management as a discipline is as old as the hills facing this “fleet” and their horse-back managers. Traditionally asset management has had two points of view – that of the user/operators of the assets and that of the investor/owners of the assets.
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Posted by Scott Nelson in Perspectives on 9/15/2023
Are you getting tired of hearing about AI yet? Do you find headlines like “Why I can’t live without ChatGPT” or “AI can’t do my job” (I paraphrased both of those titles) esoteric, intimidating, or just plain boring at this point?
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Posted by Tamarack in Tamarack News and Updates on 8/29/2023
Tamarack Technology has entered into a strategic partnership with the renowned equipment finance consulting firm Rinaldi Advisory Services (RAS). Through the partnership, Tamarack will enhance its business intelligence (BI) products and services by providing customers with access to executive-level reporting and insights from RAS.
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Posted by Scott Nelson in Perspectives on 5/24/2023
Collaboration is expanding and evolving from being a key part of a winning business culture to being the foundation of the business model and design of the technology stack that sustains the business’s competitive advantage. By purposefully designing for collaboration – culture, business model, technology – organizations can exceed customer expectations and realize success not thought possible.
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