SyndicationBuilder™ streamlines pool selection process enabling Capital Market teams to focus on optimizing transaction value

Tamarack Technology, Inc. has made the strategic decision to release a standalone version of its SyndicationBuilder™ product. Designed to streamline portfolio syndication and securitization processes by eliminating time-consuming and labor-intensive activities, SyndicationBuilder allows Capital Market teams to maximize transaction value through pool builds and pricing.

Originally introduced as part of the Tamarack DataConsole™ 2.0 launch earlier this year, SyndicationBuilder’s comprehensive asset pool analysis and automated “data tape” generation enables Capital Market teams to quickly create targeted asset pools that align with strategic goals. Automating these steps greatly accelerates the portfolio syndication process.

“This release comes at a time when the market is experiencing more challenging access to cost-friendly capital, higher interest rates and a retreat from equipment finance by traditional bank lenders,” said Tim Appleget, director of SaaS products at Tamarack Technology. “With continuing mixed economic conditions, management teams are also finding it necessary to better manage risks in the portfolio, identifying segments to move off their balance sheets. Both conditions highlight the increased need for efficient syndication of asset pools to support growth.”

DataConsole’s existing tools for analyzing portfolio risk and performance provided a natural foundation from which to construct Syndication Builder. The new dashboard provides those responsible for portfolio risk management and for the acquisition of additional growth funding a single point of access for the steps traditionally performed manually by multi-functional teams.

An element of the Tamarack AI™ Business Intelligence offering designed for professionals in the equipment finance industry, SyndicationBuilder is presently in use by multiple companies including KLC Financial and Oakmont Capital Services.

As a standalone product, SyndicationBuilder’s functionality becomes available at a more accessible price point - with the option to upgrade to the full capabilities of the Tamarack AI Business Intelligence solution. SyndicationBuilder’s monthly fee range is based on customer size.

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