Khrystyna Voloshyn

In November, Tamarack expanded its AI team with the addition of Khrystyna Voloshyn as a data scientist. In her role, Khrystyna focuses on the development and optimization of Tamarack’s suite of AI products. A native of Ukraine, her expertise in AI and machine learning is rooted in dual graduate degrees in data science and applied mathematics/informatics. Outside of the office, Khrystyna enjoys the adventures of exploring her city and trying new things.

Why did you pursue multiple graduate degrees?

On one of my previous projects, I had an opportunity to work closely with the team of data scientists and engineers where I was exposed to how data could be used to drive insights and to support learning, decision-making and forecasting. As that field was completely new for me, I decided that the best approach for changing my career would be to pursue a second graduate degree in data science. Since the USA is a hub of technology and innovation, coming here was the most obvious choice and a dream, to be honest, for building my skill set and expertise in data science.

What are your favorite things about working at Tamarack?

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Having come from the health care domain, at Tamarack I really appreciate the opportunity to learn more about equipment finance.

I thoroughly enjoy the dynamic and exciting industry that Tamarack operates in. The challenges presented by our projects are not just tasks but opportunities for growth and learning. Tackling complex problems keeps me engaged and allows me to continuously enhance my skills.

Moreover, the collaborative atmosphere and the team spirit at Tamarack are truly remarkable. Working alongside passionate and talented individuals creates an environment that fosters creativity and innovation. The collective effort and support from the team make every project a rewarding experience.

What does life look like for you outside of Tamarack?

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I currently live in Massachusetts. My favorite aspects of the state include the amazing fall foliage, the proximity and access to institutions like Harvard and MIT, the diverse culture and the walkability. I live in Cambridge, so Harvard Square is only five minutes away from my doorstep. I like taking long walks exploring new sights and scenes in the city, jogging in mornings and experimenting with cooking. Also, I enjoy reading books about Ukrainian history and fiction.



What is your favorite season?

Khrystyna Voloshyn in the snow

Growing up in Ukraine, which has an amazing climate, allowed me to experience and appreciate the beauty of all four seasons. I can’t pick just one.

Tell us about your family?

My family still resides in the countryside of Lviv in the western part of Ukraine. My father is involved in the trucking and transportation industry. My mother is a homemaker and a seamstress. And my sister is an MD and an internist.

While they live in a relatively safe location, they continue to be exposed to air raids and other forms of attacks. From the onset of this war, my family has been contributing to the war efforts. For example, my sister provides aid and counseling to soldiers and their families; while her husband, who is part of the security apparatus of Ukraine, continues to provide surveillance in areas behind the front line. My dad was part of the regional defense force during the initial phase of the war and now is more involved in volunteering.

What is something that we’d surprised to know about you?

Khrystyna Voloshyn apple picking

I have a cat that I found in the street. His name is Pushko, and he is very busy destroying the place I live??.





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