For this Trail Mix installment, we are diving into the new Feature Flags in Solifi’s Lease and Loan Portfolio Management Software (formerly InfoLease). The new Feature Flags are standard to any Portfolio Management customer, OFP or On Prem. That said, some Feature Flags are associated with Modules/Packages.

Using the new Feature Flag enablement, admin users have the systematic ability to choose the new features in a release they want to enable based on their business needs and readiness to adopt. Automatic feature releases can be accepted or rejected as needed, allowing the assessment of potential business impact while also maximizing feature acceptance.

Feature Flags are used to develop new functionality. The new functionality is tied to a Feature Flag, which allows for the functionality to be developed in Sprints, over multiple releases. Once the development is complete, the Feature Flag is available to enable. New Feature Flags are communicated via the New Features page, within Online Help. There is a separate page for each year’s new features (i.e. 10.22.x (2022), 10.23.x (2023), 10.24.x (2024)).

With each new release, Tamarack personnel review the new features and document them in a single spreadsheet. We document the Feature, the release it’s tied to, any Parameters that are required to be updated, as well as whether user security also needs to be updated – so that everything clients need to know is all in one place. We then use this document to review the Feature Flags and make recommendations.

Here are some of our favorite highlights of the Feature Flags:

  • Allow users to process correcting payment from Contract Maintenance instead of only copying the Payment History Transaction Number and pasting/entering it via Payment Entry.
  • Allow users to reapply all contract unapplied suspense transactions at once.
  • Decrease time needed to match the Create Lockbox Report to the Lockbox file by putting the Lockbox Filename in the name of the report.
  • Match batches/deposits to a Lockbox File by writing out the Lockbox Filename to the Deposit/Batch -- which can be displayed on the web page. This may help with reconciling, and since it’s also written to the check history, can be used to identify where the payment originated.
  • Allow recurring Miscellaneous items to now “balance” and track associated One-Time miscellaneous items.
  • Create User-Defined Tables to track data you may be capturing via a spreadsheet or other method outside the software.
  • Add the ability to perform partial disposition reversals on fixed-payment, non-daily sensitive floating rate contracts.

From Tamarack’s perspective, the new Feature Flags are a huge win for operations. If you want to learn more about whether the Feature Flags are available for your organization, see the Solifi Online Help Center or contact Tamarack via

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