For this Trail Mix installment, we outline how to calculate customer exposure in Solifi’s Lease and Loan Portfolio Management Software (formerly InfoLease).

The method for calculating customer exposure can be driven by:

  • Net Investment
  • Contract Balance Remaining (also known as “Principal Balance Remaining” or “Outstanding Balance” in the exposure calculation setting)

The Portfolio Management setting that drives this Customer Exposure Calculation is available at the systemwide level as well as the individual customer level.

Systemwide Customer Exposure Calculation Setting:

At the system level, the Customer Exposure Calculation setting is found in the Admin Dashboard, under the Accounting tab.

If this system-level setting is changed, an administrator with Terminal User Interface TCL access will need to run the following command at a TCL prompt: RECALC.CUST.NET.INVEST

This command updates each of the individual customers to the systemwide Customer Exposure Calculation setting.

Individual Customer Exposure Calculation Setting:

The Customer Exposure Calculation setting is also available at the individual customer level (meaning it can be updated solely for an individual customer while the remaining customers are left at the global setting). This customer-level setting may also be useful if users wish to verify exposure based on contract principal balances without factoring in Net Investment. (Note: The system command that is run at the TCL prompt changes the setting for each customer here.)

To find this setting at the individual customer level, within a desired individual customer (Customer Summary window), click on the Customer Maintenance link in Actions on the top right.

This brings up the Customer Maintenance window. Click on the Financials tab/menu, then on the Financial Details sub-tab/menu.

Click on the Edit button and update the Customer Credit Code. If it is already set as you want, change it, and change it back. You should see the Outstanding Balance amount change following any changes here. (Changes here are immediate.)

Customer Exposure feeding to Solifi’s Originations (formerly Rapport):

For those who use Originations and Portfolio Management together, these exposure amounts flow from Portfolio Management to Originations and are visible in Originations in the Customer Exposure window.

Each time Originations calls Portfolio Management for exposure amounts, these values are updated with whichever calculated value is derived from the setting within Portfolio Management.

(Note: The values that populate in the Customer Exposure window can be turned on and off individually via admin settings in the Originations Web Admin. Admins can also select when Originations will automatically call Portfolio Management for these values.)

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