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It is not uncommon for Tamarack team members to love Minnesota and spending time outdoors. Senior Consultant Darren Tauer is no exception – he savors every minute he can spend outside, particularly during the summer. Darren joined the Tamarack team in 2018 and assists with implementing applications. An active member of ELFA’s Operations and Technology Committee, Darren will participate in a number of panel discussions at the upcoming Ops & Tech Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans. Outside the office he is a devoted husband, father and friend who relishes all that Minnesota has to offer.

What is your Tamarack story?

Lake, bags

I worked with CEO Dan Nelson in 1988 at the start of both of our careers at Decision Systems, Inc. (Solifi today). After Dan started Tamarack, I was able utilize the company many times over the years with various projects I managed. When I decided to move out of the corporate environment, working at Tamarack was a great next step. It allows me to utilize the skills I’ve developed over the past 35 years in the industry while serving a vast range of companies. Yet every customer has its own intricacies and is a little different.

What is your favorite thing about working at Tamarack?

I’ve worked in the equipment finance industry my entire career. The accounting portion of the industry didn’t interest me a lot at first, so I saw my first job as a short-term position to gain some experience. The more time I spent with the software and customers, the more I enjoyed the complexities of the industry. I really enjoy working with multiple customers. Each has their own way of using lease accounting software, their own rules and processes, and I love the dynamic of interacting with many different people with different backgrounds every day.

What does life look like for you outside of Tamarack?

Running / Hiking

My wife, MaryJo, and I have been married 34 years, and we have two adult children. She and I spend much of our time “up north” at our cabin on a lake in northern Minnesota. Boating, and some fishing, are a major part of our summers. We are also on the edge of the Chippewa National Forest so hiking through the forest is also a favorite activity.

What do you like to do outside of your work for Tamarack?

Darren Tauer boat ride

Living in Minnesota, some years we have limited time to enjoy the outdoors. I absolutely love summers and spend as much time as possible outside. When my two children lived at home, our family always did a lot of outdoor activities such as biking and running, and both kids were very involved in sports. Now that my kids are grown and married, my wife and I continue to spend much of our time outdoors. We have never been fond of Minnesota winters, but lately we have been doing more winter activities such as hiking and snowshoeing.

What is your favorite family vacation memory?

Darren Tauer family Disney trip

When our children were growing up, we were a huge “Disney family.” We took a Disney trip every year. The trips kind of blend together, but I will never forget the times our family spent together on these vacations. When the kids got older, we branched out to other destinations, including a couple of trips to Hawaii, which became our destination of choice for several years. Most of our vacation time is now spent up north at the lake.

What are your favorite things about Minnesota?

I love the variety of seasons in Minnesota. We have traveled to Hawaii and know that the weather there will always be good. However, there’s an excitement in Minnesota for that first big snowfall, or the first warm day in the spring when things start to melt. I love being part of a metro area for convenience and being close to our family and friends, but the absolute quiet, bright starry nights, and cooler temperatures of northern Minnesota are also a highlight of where we live.

What are some of the things that you are passionate about?

Lake time

We have a great group of long-term friends and do a lot of activities with them. During the colder months we travel and have game nights. In the summer we all enjoy spending time biking, hiking, attending outdoor concerts/festivals or time together at the lake. I consider this group to be my extended family.

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