Protecting data is a key priority of all organizations. Portfolio Management provides the ability to safeguard/mask data fields as well to create user-defined fields and designate them as safeguarded/maskable.

These fields may include a customer’s sensitive data or data you define as accessible only on a ‘need to know’ basis.

Per field defined as maskable, your organization has options for determining how to safeguard (mask) the data:

  • Reveal first or last characters
  • Choose how many characters to reveal
  • Select the masking character to use

Within User Security, you can entitle Roles/Templates/Users to:

  • View data only as masked, defined per safeguarded parameters
  • View unmasked data (note: it remains masked on the page but the user has the ability to unmask it when they need to ‘see’ it)

This protects both the user and your organization when the page is displayed, displays the full data only when required, and retains your ability to view and maintain the data.

For user-defined fields, your organization can also define if the user-defined description and field/data are displayed on the page per user. If you choose not to display the description/data, the user won’t see any indication that it exists.

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