A common theme for Tamarack employees is their dedication in the office to serving clients and their zest for life outside the office. In the last year, we’ve had the opportunity to “get to know” more than a dozen team members, and this month we introduce another who exemplifies the “live life to the fullest” mentality: Rachel Rouillard, CLFP.

Rachel & husband Ryan

A resident of Eliot, Maine (just outside Portsmouth, New Hampshire), Rachel joined Tamarack a few months ago. In her role as senior application consultant, she is responsible for guiding the successful implementation of client projects. A former client for more than a decade, Rachel was drawn to Tamarack because of the culture and the people. Outside the office, she focuses on family, playing in a band and other “nerdy things.”

What brought you to Tamarack?

In 2012, I began working at a small private leasing company called Direct Capital (Direct Capital was acquired by a large bank, and then an even larger bank in 2022). Tamarack was our “go-to” for help with CMS and sometimes data as well. I ended up working with Dan (Nelson) quite a bit to solve our system needs, and he was always such an easy person to work with and seemed like an ethical and straight-forward individual. Through the years, he taught me a lot about InfoLease, which really impacted my career in a great way. Direct Capital was a good place to work, and I learned a great deal when we became part of a large corporation, but I missed the small-company feel. Once I decided to leave, I reached out to Dan. The rest is history!

What do you like to do outside of the office?

Sammy and Bea

My main focus is the same as for most – home. Home for me is my husband, Ryan, and two dogs, Bea and Sammy. My next priority is my band. I sing in an ’80s band called “Girls Just Want to Have Fun Band” which is a tribute to the ladies who rocked the ’80s! I’ve sung for a long time, but this is probably the most fun I’ve had in a band. I also enjoy singing adult contemporary, such as Adele.

Besides the band, what are your other hobbies?

Aside from the band, I like to read – classics, sci-fi fantasy and some non-fiction mostly. I also love watching movies and shows. Recently, I’ve gotten into painting planters with acrylic paints. I’m a total nerd, and I like to do nerdy things. But they’re also cool.

What is your favorite season?

Maine road

I live in Maine, right on the seacoast – literally 10 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. Each season has its wonders, but my favorite is fall. The weather is beautiful and dry. The leaves change colors. The humidity of summer is over and we get back to “hoodie weather.” Wicked nice.

What is your favorite family vacation memory?

I recently went on a cruise in the Caribbean with my husband and my parents. It was memorable for sure! It was the first time I’ve vacationed with my parents since I was a teen and I’m really grateful we were able to create that memory.

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