This month’s Trail Mix post was submitted by the Solifi customer support team.

Looking for greater control and flexibility of user-defined fields in Solifi’s Lease and Loan Portfolio Management Software (formerly InfoLease)? Would your business workflows improve by having your unique data incorporated into various pages within the user interface?

Perhaps you’re still using the legacy user-defined fields, so let’s walk through where and how you can increase the customization of user-defined fields within Solifi’s Portfolio Management software.

With additional user-defined field functionality in PM-ILS, you can now do the following:

Create user-defined tables

The user-defined tables display with the standard PM-ILS tables in Table Maintenance and on the Table Display Configuration page. The example below adds a Credit Score Type table.

Place user-defined fields with like data throughout PM-ILS (instead of only on the User-Defined Information tabs)

The areas available include the following entities: Asset, Billing Template, Contract, Customer, Dealer, and Message. The example below adds the Credit Score Type table to the Customer entity.

Create user-defined fields with a Type of "Percent" or "Table Field"

For table fields, you can associate the table field with a standard PM-ILS table or a user-defined table.

If you are interested in any of these tidbits and/or would like assistance implementing them, please contact the Solifi customer service team at

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