By Dani Cluff |  Sep 28, 2022
Tearinea Briscoe

As the cooler fall weather sets in, you can bet that this month’s “Get to know…” feature will be dressing for the season. Enjoy learning more about Tearinea Briscoe, CLFP, a recent addition to Tamarack's professional services team.

What brought you to Tamarack?

Tearinea Briscoe desk

I was looking for a change. I had been with my previous company for 16 years and was ready for something different. I posted my resume to a leasing website, and the next thing I knew, Norma Arias reached out to me about coming to work for Tamarack’s professional services team. In my position as an operations analyst, I handle reviewing and assigning tickets as they come in from clients. I also assist with tracking hours for projects and handle nightly jobs and one-off updates for certain customers.

What does life look like for you outside of Tamarack?

Tearinea Briscoe shopping

I love fashion, so on the side, I also run a small business where I handle personal shopping and styling for different clients. I work with people both locally and virtually to fulfill all their styling needs. My business allows me to style for every occasion and to mix pieces from all sorts of designers, both high- and low-end.

How did you get into personal shopping/styling?

I’ve always had friends and family who would ask for my opinions on clothes or ask me to go shopping with them, so I thought “Why not make a business out of this?” I love shopping. This way, I get to shop all the time!

Besides running your small business, what other things do you enjoy?

I am somewhat of a “foodie.” I love to travel and try new restaurants and will go out of my way to find new places to eat. Besides that, my boyfriend and I love to travel. Prior to the pandemic, we had set out to visit as many islands as possible. We haven’t gotten back to it, as things have calmed down, but we’re hoping to visit Greece next!

Do you have a favorite time of year?

I’m not much one for the outdoors, but I do love fall because of the fashion. I’ve always loved the changing of seasons and getting to style scarves, hats and jackets during this time of year.

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