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Access to real-time data and custom reporting positions OCS for sustained growth

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Oakmont Capital Services (OCS) has successfully implemented the artificial intelligence (AI) suite of products from Tamarack Technology as part of its efforts to “work smarter” by using tech to enhance workflow and increase operational efficiency. Empowered by Tamarack’s AI product suite, Oakmont can make faster and more informed decisions through access to real-time data and custom reporting.

“One of the challenges that comes with growth like ours is the ability to scale operations,” explains OCS Vice President & COO Daryn Lecy, CLFP. “By investing in technology, we are making processes easier, becoming more efficient and doing more with our existing workforce. Through our engagement with Tamarack, we’ve augmented operations and accelerated the pace that we can roll things out. With AI, we’re giving our team the tools to be more productive in their decision-making and with their time.”

Tamarack’s suite of AI products offers access to aggregated data in a single location, a purpose-built business intelligence framework, and the automation of routine manual tasks to allow for more effective use of teams within equipment finance workflows. In addition to using AI to automate processes, OCS is using Tamarack’s AI product suite to access real-time data and create custom reports in order to further increase the efficiency and accuracy of its decision-making.

“Having access to live data has been huge,” said OCS Vice President of Syndications Kayla Perlinger, CLFP. “Before implementing AI, we already had a robust reporting system and a lot of good data. But now we are able to use it live to determine progress toward our goals and where we want our future goals to be or whether we need to pivot. And with the custom reporting, we are seeing greater detail and encompassing more attributes.”

As the OCS AI system gathers more data over time, Tamarack will implement its prediction model which will predict applications as they are submitted and shorten the underwriting time.

According to OCS Vice President of Credit and Risk Mikki Henkelman, CLFP, the implementation of predictors will be a huge timesaver and further drive efficiency. “We expect it to be one of the biggest improvements of the process. We also anticipate that it will give us different insights into deals we might not have done in the past.”

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