First paper explores using dark data to sustain a competitive advantage

Tamarack Technology has introduced the first in a series of white papers on the application of AI in the equipment finance industry. Entitled “Dark Data: A foundation for sustaining competitive advantage,” the piece is available for free download at

“Equipment finance companies today are flush with opportunities presented by data,” said Scott Nelson, president and chief digital officer at Tamarack Technology. “This white paper series highlights the potential that AI and automation provides equipment finance companies to differentiate themselves from the competition, make their organization more productive, and develop strategies that sustain innovation over time. AI and automation can help any organization improve their performance. These papers illustrate that and inspire digital innovation.”

The first paper on “dark data” – data hidden within an organization’s existing digital origination, contract servicing, and accounting systems – explores how this data can be a competitive differentiator within equipment finance and how lessors can leverage it to outpace the competition.

According to Nelson, “Most of this data is dark and rarely accessed or used by management in daily operations, even though it holds the historical and transactional record of the organization and can provide insight into the success of the business strategy. The modern tools of machine learning and AI are here to exploit dark data and to improve the competitive advantage and overall business performance of organizations that decide to use it.”

The subsequent two papers in the series will highlight the impact on productivity of using dark data and demonstrate how organizations can use AI to drive innovation inside their workflow.

For more information or to download the Dark Data white paper visit

 Download the Dark Data Whitepaper

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