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What are the NJS User Exits?

The Nightly Job-Stream (NJS) allows you to combine both system updates and reporting functions into a single process that can be pre-scheduled to run daily, monthly or yearly. One of the features of NJS processing is the ability to further customize the process by imbedding your own processes to automatically run within the NJS. Custom processes can be incorporated into one of seven “User Exit” points that occur at specific times during the NJS process.

What are the timing of the seven exit points and examples of how to leverage them?

Most additions would be added to NJS.EXIT1 which occurs prior to any standard NJS processing or NJS.EXIT7 which occurs towards the end of the NJS process but before report queues are generated; however, the seven points allow for processing at critical points if/when needed. See examples below on how they can be leveraged.

NJS Exit Timing Example Processes
NJS.EXIT1 Runs before any standard NJS processing begins Prepare a log or directory for any ensuing NJS process
NJS.EXIT2 Runs directly after the Aging process if Aging was selected during NJS setup Processes impacting UDF worklists or custom collection worklists needs
NJS.EXIT3 Runs directly after the Invoicing process if Invoicing was selected during NJS setup Processes extracting invoice records for alternate processing
NJS.EXIT4 Runs directly before Income Period-End if Income Period-End if selected during NJS setup Processes performing updates to fields which impact accrual calculations
NJS.EXIT5 Runs directly after Cash Period-End if Cash Period-End if selected during NJS setup Processes creating extracts reflecting payment and suspense activity for the month
NJS.EXIT6 Runs directly before the creation of GLjournals (Only if General Ledger Link Module is active) Move previous GL Link extract to an archive folder
NJS.EXIT7 Runs directly before report queues generate even if no queues were selected during NJS setup Processes generating data extracts which are impacted by standard/custom NJS activity for import into other systems

How are processes added to the NJS User Exits?

The NJS process will attempt to execute each NJS Exit process as a program. For example, if “NJS.EXIT1” is a cataloged program (locally or globally), the contents of this program will be performed.

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