In this Trail Mix installment, we cover one of many utilities to facilitate mass contract updates: Change Lead Invoice Days (CHANGE.LEAD.DAYS).

The CHANGE.LEAD.DAYS utility updates the Invoice Lead Days (INV.DAYS) field on a list of contracts. The utility will prompt for a Saved-List name and the new value to populate into the Invoice Lead Days field.

Note: The Invoice Lead Days value is the number of days prior to the payment due date to generate the invoice. For example, if the contract is due on the 25th of each month and the lead days value is 20, the receivables and invoice will be created on the 5th of the same month.

When performing this change, the utility populates the Invoice Lead Days field with the new value and initiates contract change log records. The utility includes logic to update all dependent fields automatically, just as when updating the Invoice Lead Days field manually for a single contract via Contract Maintenance.

If the new Invoice Lead Days value were to cause InfoLease to skip a future invoice date, it will reject the modification as this would throw the contract out of balance. Changes must be timed accordingly during the month to avoid rejections. For example, if changing the lead days to 15 from 21 for transactions due on the 30th, which currently generates an open item on the 9th, run the utility between the 14th and 29th of the month to avoid rejections.

In addition, creating the change log audit trail generates two reports in “HOLD,” reflecting:

  • List of contracts where the lead days were changed
  • List of contracts that were rejected

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A big shout out to Ian McGowan from Fizen Technology/Simbian Consulting for sharing an additional tip on how to prevent users from accessing InfoLease outside of the NJS. Read his feedback in the updated October Trail Mix.

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