Recently, we received a follow-up question to the September 2021 Trail Mix:

We often experience users anxious to get back into the system after month-end processing. Although the Period End flag has been cleared allowing this to occur technically, we still wish to prevent users from performing maintenance until the accounting/finance has given the “all clear.” How do you recommend we prevent users from accessing the system during these periods?

Please see a question and update we received regarding this TrailMix below.

Three Possible Solutions:

There are a few options, each with pros/cons and differing levels of technical implementation.

(1) Setup InfoLease Shutdown Level

Set the shutdown level in InfoLease security. If you set all your users to a certain level, and your admins to a different level, you can set the shutdown level and anyone not at a high enough level can’t log in to InfoLease. The problem with this is you have to go into every security record to set the shutdown level, but once it’s set it’s easy to use.

(2) Force Processing Flag to “3” – NJS

Create a script to set the update flag to 3 or 5 while NJS is not running, or do it manually. You can set it to a 3 to lock people out, but you need to clear it again before NJS starts or NJS will fail because it thinks it’s already running. You also need to set it again after NJS finishes, if you want to keep people out after the main NJS is done but you have other processes to run.

(3) Modify the LOGIN procedure

Modify the LOGIN procedure to execute a program called NO.LOGIN. This program then checks the user id, and if it’s not one of the admin users, it displays a message and logs the user back off. This needs to be in the LOGIN procedure before INIT.INFO. When you are ready to allow users back on, you just comment the execute of NO.LOGIN in the LOGIN procedure so it doesn’t execute that check anymore.

December 2021 Update

Ian McGowan ( added:

For “Modify the LOGIN Procedure”, there's a designated place to put that! The SYS.PROC INFO within LOGIN calls MD USER.LOGON.PROC. You can call the NO.LOGIN process or other custom processes and they will not be affected if you upgrade or reinstall IL. It's a good idea to check @USER.TYPE and let phantoms and other background processes run without blocking though.  

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