Tamarack Technology has relocated its headquarters from the Minneapolis Warehouse district to the Vandalia Tower complex in the Midway neighborhood in St. Paul, Minn.

The company’s new 1800 sq. foot office is located at 550 Vandalia Ave. just north of I-94 and south of University Avenue. In recent years, the former King Koil mattress factory has been completely transformed into a creative office space.

“What is exciting about the new office space is that it gives us a ‘fresh start.’ The pandemic ‘work from home’ break allowed us to reimagine our workspace environment,” said Daniel Nelson, Founder & CEO of Tamarack. “Not only is our new location in an exciting area of new development, it will also serve as a destination where we can come together as a team, collaborate on solutions for our clients and share resources and best practices. More than that, there is an energy that comes from creative space such as this.”

Since 2015, Tamarack has operated under a flexible 40 percent remote model so the team easily shifted to 100 percent remote in response to the pandemic. While the pandemic is in play we will continue to support/balance employees working both remotely and on-site.

“It’s important to me that we create a dynamic workplace that supports how our employees want to work and can be the most productive,” “said Nelson. As part of the design of the new space, we are incorporating an open layout that supports individual and collaborative work habits.

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Tamarack Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of independent software, operational, and technology services supporting the equipment finance industry for more than 20 years.


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