December 7 Futureproofing Finance Through Technology (webinar)

Join us for the upcoming NEFA webinar “Futureproofing Finance Through Technology: How Lenders Can Prepare for Future Storms and Opportunities.” Sponsored by Solifi (formerly IDS), the conversation will explore how lenders can use technology for preparing to respond to threats and opportunities with agility.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021
1:00-2:30 p.m. (EST)

Following a presentation by Eldon Richards of Solifi, Tamarack Technology’s own Scott Nelson will participate in a panel discussion featuring the following industry leaders and experts:

  • Dan Feeney, executive vice president, manager at North Star Leasing Company, a division of Peoples Bank
  • Scott Nelson, chief digital officer at Tamarack Technology
  • Eldon Richards, chief technology officer at Solifi
  • Ray Wizbowski, chief marketing officer at Solifi (moderator)

The panel will examine critical capabilities lending organizations should prioritize to prepare a flexible, competitive and futureproof business strategy -- including open data architectures, integrations, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

Attendees will have an opportunity for virtual networking during the final 30 minutes of the event.

September 8-9 AACFB Conference (in-person Nashville)

Advantage Brokers: Smart Technology Improves Workflow to Help You Compete and Profit
Presented by Jeff Bilbrey, Leasepath and Daniel Nelson, Tamarack Technology
The constraints of COVID-19 laid bare the challenges ahead for those who have not “gone digital.” It also highlighted how those who embrace the speed and agility of digital workflow technology can meet buyers’ demands for convenience and flexibility. In equipment finance, brokers have a unique position and competitive advantage to leverage digital front-end solutions to meet these buyer needs. Brokers that operate at higher speeds with more client diversity create more data faster from which algorithms can learn, and which workflow solutions can streamline. In this session, two of the leading software providers in the equipment finance origination industry will discuss how companies can quickly leverage advanced platforms to gain speed, efficiency, and revenue for their businesses.

  • Daniel Nelson

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September 14 – ELFA Operations & Technology Conference (virtual)

[1:15 – 1:45 pm] The Composable Enterprise

In a world where constant change is the norm the old monolithic systems no longer suffice. By using a modular business and technology strategy you can create, innovate, and adapt in order to rapidly seize market opportunities and respond to disruptors and threats, while maintaining resilience. Come learn ways to compose the enterprise of the future.

  • Chad Carlson

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Oct 24-26 – ELFA 60th Annual Convention (in-person San Antonio)

[Oct 25, 2:30 - 4:00 pm] Strategic Shift: Start thinking and Operating Like a Digital Company

The word "digital" used to be about technology. Today "digital" is a way of being for a business. Business Leaders must start thinking and operating like a digital company to remain relevant. Learn how to make the shift to being a digital products company from the industry's forward leaning technology providers.

Panelists will explore questions and topics that all Equipment Finance companies should be asking as they think about how to continuously deliver digital experiences to their customers and employees. Learn how to pivot from an ‘occasional IT project approach’ to operate as a constantly innovating company that continuously evolves digital-first experiences by harnessing ideas from employees and customers. Understand the strategic mindset shift, leadership skills and organizational competencies that every Equipment Finance company must implement to compete in an increasingly digital world.

  • Scott Nelson

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[Oct 26, 3:00 - 4:30 pm] Gen Y: A “vertical” market defining the next 30 years in Equipment Finance

Vertical market definition and segmentation is the life blood of business strategy. Nowhere is this truer than equipment finance where markets are defined by region, by equipment class, and by NAICS codes, among other things. Typically, the customers making up these segments are treated as common types. But Gen Y, the Millennials, will change that. Millennials live The Experience Economy. They have grown up in a usage-based economy -- cell phone data plans, on-demand streaming media accounts and transportation via car, bike, and scooter sharing. Millennials don’t use check books. They believe “pay for what I use” is the standard regardless of whether they work in construction, healthcare, or transportation. As the largest generation to date - 88 million in the US, 10 million more than the Boomer generation, they will be the largest vertical market in the industry – ever.

This panel will discuss:

  • Generational design for equipment finance
  • We will also discuss how Gen Y numbers will drive economics, technology, and the offerings of every market.

Join us for a candid conversation with professionals who are preparing for this generational shift.

  • Scott Nelson

 Download a copy of the Gen Y presentation

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July 28 ELFA Service Provider BCSC Presents - Technology & Digitalization

Panelists discuss the mindset shifts required to leverage the new digital world as compared to the status quo, cover real world examples of the use of artificial intelligence and its application to the world of equipment finance, and finally, the use of data and the additional capabilities you will have once you fully digitize your company.

  • Scott Nelson

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